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Eloquence/HP-UX Report Writing
An exquisite report writer for HP-UX and Eloquence, currently in beta trials.

Download QCReports' host and client code
QCReports Initial Installation
Updating Your UNIX Host Code
Migrating HP3000 QueryCalc reports

High-Definition, Low-Bandwidth,
Lecture Distribution

The capacity to capture and transmit exceptionally high-quality lectures world-wide at very low bandwidths.

The QCShow Process

Lecture of the Week
Public Lectures on Natural History & Exploration
Evolution Meetings
Ernst Mayr Centenary Celebration
2004 NASA NIAC Meeting
2005 NASA NIAC Meeting
Gardiner Memorial Lecture
3rd High-Energy Astrophysics Workshop
Astronomical Society of Las Cruces

HP 700/92 Terminal Emulation

A free full-function HP700/92 terminal emulator.

QCTerm Download
QCTerm Manual
QCTerm Escape Sequences

Corporate Emailer
A very simple method to allow your organization automated customer relations.

CUSoon Corporate Emailer
Maximizing Your Effective Use of CUSoon: A White Paper
How CUSoon Works: A Technical Datasheet
Downloading and Installing CUSoon
Programming CUSoon
Upgrading Your Copy of CUSoon
A Simple HTML Color Guide

MPE Pages

Pages maintained for our continuing HP3000 customers.

QueryCalc Migration Updates
Equater! for MPE
The GoldBook for Summit Users
Relative Performance Matrix for HP3000s
BASIC/V Language
Rob Perkins' Credit Union Reports
MPE History Services
Plan B: Remaining on the HP3000 Indefinitely
World's Largest Poster Project (1996)
Why AICS Stayed with MPE So Long
AICS's Earliest Relationships with HP (1963-1976)

Non-commercial Research

Ordered Species Extinctions
Nestedness Temperature Calculator
On the Role of Males
Machine Intelligence via Simulated Evolution
Evolution of Galactic Morphologies