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The original System 2000 Word Processing
Terminal from AICS Research

We've built terminals before in our past. Pictured above is the System 2000 standalone Word Processing Terminal that we manufactured from 1977 to 1982. The System 2000 was built by fundamentally reorganizing the Intel 8080 code that drove the HP2645A Intelligent Terminal.

The System 2000 proved to be among the finest standalone word processors of its time, beating out the IBM and Xerox entries in heads-up competition every time. The System 2000 featured right-justified, proportionally spaced text, printed at high speed on Diablo and Qume daisy-wheel printers, with full math and Greek printing. And the System 2000 retained all of its HP2645 Terminal capabilities.

Perhaps most astonishing is the fact that the entire word processing software was hand-coded into only 24K bytes -- just about the same amount of code as its picture above now consumes!

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